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Hello world!

“Hello World” the first words the newbie programmer prints out to the command line based executable that they had just compiled will also be the first words put in my blog (kind of seeing as though its the default post).

Recently I have been getting annoyed with things to do with gaming such as:

  • Dumb programmers
  • Dumb designers
  • Dumb producers
  • Dumb assistant producers who work for equally dumb producers
  • Dumb reviewers
  • and finally dumb gamers

The problem I find with the above is that they all seem to be adding to a problem in the gaming world and its what I prefer to call “global blindness”, the term “global blindness” should be used to describe a comment, action or movement which encourages other people to incorrectly identify a game as casual. The term “casual game” no longer means what it should either, a “casual” game is now one which does not have high spec graphics or one which is innovative because the 3rd Grade General on Halo 3 does not have the co-ordination to use a wiimote. Because of this somehow more and more games are being classed as casual games and more casual games are being made.

Because of this, I hope by sporadically spawning blog posts I might be able to make a change in gaming attitudes and maybe finding joy in some retro games.



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