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LoZEng Game Engine ProgressZelda

I thought I should write about how far I have progressed on my game engine, LoZEng. Firstly, its pronounced “Lozenge” like the cough sweet and it stands for “Legend of Zelda Engine”, its designed to be a cross-platform game engine but initially I am developing it for Wii and DS, a PC release is available for testing but it will lack all of the extra “fancy” features in the Wii and DS editions.

So far I have been able to draw a Link and a few trees, add collision and draw layers so that the tops of trees are drawn above Link so he can walk under. It will be in 2D but I feel it is very promising that I will eventually build it to recreate the 3D used in the DS Pokemon games. I know what I have done isn’t a great deal but this is the bare bones, I could make a Zelda game out of this but it would lack any kind combat.

I just need to finish a few bugs and I should then hopefully have a small demo to show off, and for the record I am now on 600 lines of programming code and of that only 100 lines are actual game which I could reduce down to around 50-75 in the future.


Finished fixing bugs, now creating the demo!



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