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LoZEng Game Engine ProgressZelda

I thought I should write about how far I have progressed on my game engine, LoZEng. Firstly, its pronounced “Lozenge” like the cough sweet and it stands for “Legend of Zelda Engine”, its designed to be a cross-platform game engine but initially I am developing it for Wii and DS, a PC release is available for testing but it will lack all of the extra “fancy” features in the Wii and DS editions.

So far I have been able to draw a Link and a few trees, add collision and draw layers so that the tops of trees are drawn above Link so he can walk under. It will be in 2D but I feel it is very promising that I will eventually build it to recreate the 3D used in the DS Pokemon games. I know what I have done isn’t a great deal but this is the bare bones, I could make a Zelda game out of this but it would lack any kind combat.

I just need to finish a few bugs and I should then hopefully have a small demo to show off, and for the record I am now on 600 lines of programming code and of that only 100 lines are actual game which I could reduce down to around 50-75 in the future.


Finished fixing bugs, now creating the demo!


What Zelda could learn from Square Enix

Just finished The Crystal Bearers twice the other day and I was wondering why it felt more fulfilling to get 100% in The Crystal Bearers but not Zelda. Please remember that I am still going for that 100% completion in Crystal Bearers as its just that gripping. I thought that its probably best to use Twilight Princess and Spirit Tracks since to the best of my knowledge these games had quite decent hype behind them. My analysis will focus on elements of Zelda which I feel have been lacking consistently and if improved could radically change the fate of the first Wii Zelda.

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